amazon sports prime

Amazon Looks into Prime Sports Options

First it was free movies for Prime members, then it was the ability to add premium channels a la carte and now it seems that sports TV could be the next addition to Amazon’s ever-widening streaming programming line-up. Recently, the Internet giant has been in talks with such [...]Read more
Space X Falcon 9 Explosion

The Ripples of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Explosion

SpaceX has a track record of leading the way to massive changes to the aerospace industry, but until the September 1 explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket during launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida, Elon Musk’s company was mainly known for innovation and an incredibly solid safety [...]Read more
BuzzFeed New Evolution

Welcoming BuzzFeed’s New Evolution

In a move that reflects a broader trend among media companies across the board, BuzzFeed recently announced a formal divide between its news and entertainment arms. Although these kinds of announcements have of late been a death knell for the news side of media companies, both [...]Read more
power of virtual companies

Virtual Companies Wield Very Real Power

The gasps were audible when the media first accused Facebook of suppressing right-wing news in their trending feature, but few Internet denizens took the time to consider how many other vital virtual properties were taking their own stands without anyone really realizing it. Some [...]Read more

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