retailer in-store pricing

Retailers Further Complicate In-Store Pricing

“We don’t operate in a vacuum,” Abercrombie & Fitch’s Executive Chairman Arthur Martinez said recently when asked about retail pricing in the eCommerce Age. This seems to be the consensus of retailers everywhere, given that the market shares of brick-and-mortar [...]Read more
instagram store

Selling on Instagram: Shoppable Content

Just in time for the holiday season, Instagram has announced a test of their new shoppable content feature. It’s designed to finally make it super easy to buy on Instagram, until now it was tricky to get customers into a sales funnel because there was no good way to direct them [...]Read more
china's war on counterfeits

China’s War on Counterfeits and Fraud Busters

Making a living on counterfeit products in China has come full circle, as the counterfeiters are now feeding career counterfeit busters. The law these retail sleuths are working under was designed to protect customers who have purchased fake goods, but the self-made product [...]Read more
rebranding marlboro style

Rebranding Tobacco, Marlboro Style

After years of dropping market share, Marlboro is finally reclaiming its place as the crown jewel of Phillips Morris USA. From 2005 to 2011, the brand lost nine percentage points in share of the 18- to 25-year-old market, dropping to just 43 percent in a market it once dominated. [...]Read more
latest with drone advertisement

What’s the Latest with Drone Advertising?

Imagine, if you will, your morning commute to work: The traffic’s slow, you’re barely awake enough to drive, but you’re trying to drink coffee and eat your breakfast and share something on social media as the slowly moving knot of cars creeps along. Then, out of nowhere, a [...]Read more
amazon reviews

Incentivized Amazon Reviews Banned

When you go shopping online for a gift or even an item for yourself, you probably spend some time looking at customer reviews…almost everyone does. Reviews are meant to be tools customers can use to gauge if the product they want to purchase is worth a particular price and if [...]Read more
amazon expansion limits profits for 2016

Aggressive Amazon Expansion Limits 2016 Profits

Amazon’s 3rd Quarter 2016 profits were cause for concern for some investors, with a steep fall from the prior quarter’s more than $800 million in earnings. However, investors in Amazon have held a long game strategy for most of the retailer’s existence, so this hiccup [...]Read more

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