Space X Falcon 9 Explosion

The Ripples of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Explosion

SpaceX has a track record of leading the way to massive changes to the aerospace industry, but until the September 1 explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket during launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida, Elon Musk’s company was mainly known for innovation and an incredibly solid safety [...]Read more
BuzzFeed New Evolution

Welcoming BuzzFeed’s New Evolution

In a move that reflects a broader trend among media companies across the board, BuzzFeed recently announced a formal divide between its news and entertainment arms. Although these kinds of announcements have of late been a death knell for the news side of media companies, both [...]Read more
google and uber face off

Google and Uber Face Off On the Road

Uber and Lyft have virtually cornered the market on getting a ride with the ease of an app—or have they? Google’s Waze app is testing a ride sharing functionality that will allow commuters in the San Francisco area make their commutes a little less lonely and a little easier, [...]Read more
pinterest welcomes video advertisers

Pinterest Welcomes Video Advertisers

Following in the footsteps of social media sweethearts like Facebook and Snapchat, Pinterest has announced its first round of video advertising will start showing up in feeds in the next few weeks. Brands like bareMinerals and Kate Spade are already on board for the test run to [...]Read more
pokemon go logo

Pokémon Go Sparks Other AR Possibilities

With Pokémon Go setting a record-shattering pace for free downloads in both Apple and Google Play app stores following its release in the United States, it’s fairly safe to say that Americans are at least curious about the concept of Augmented Reality and the possibilities it [...]Read more
sport event ticket sale

Sports Teams Seek More Control Over Ticket Sales

Scalpers and other professional sports event ticket resellers claim they hold a vital role in the ecosystem, providing an additional outlet for tickets and spreading out the risk in years when the fan base isn’t as enthusiastic as it could be. Professional sports teams, on the [...]Read more

Small Retailers Struggling With Free Shipping

Amazon is known far and wide for its free, fast shipping, but for many smaller retailers that famous shipping is putting squeeze on their own eCommerce efforts. With consumers increasingly expecting free shipping with their online orders and retailers left to foot the bill, small [...]Read more

GoPro Bets Big on Consumer Market

When GoPro launched its first all-terrain cameras in 2010, it was essentially harnessing a market that had a need to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, with a Smartphone in every pocket and a camera in every Smartphone, the GoPro is less of a necessity today than it is a novelty for [...]Read more

How Upcoming Changes Will Impact Marketing on LinkedIn

When Microsoft announced its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, everyone in the business community perked an ear. Suddenly, Microsoft was relevant for a reason other than to be a target for complaints about Windows 10 or jokes about how slow Internet Explorer really moved. [...]Read more

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